Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning is something I have done for 30 years now and I still cannot believe how you can take a worn piece of furniture and make it look brand new again. Many fabrics have a way of hiding and holding everything, from soil to pet fur oils, so well, that it is impossible to see with the naked eye and you cannot see it until you clean it. Even on large upholstery cleaning jobs, each piece I clean will receive the same 7 step process I have used for years, all with the best equipment in the industry.

  1. Power vacuum entire piece, while inspecting for stains, soil, damage etc.
  2. Pre-spray and pre-condition with professional upholstery cleaning solution
  3. Agitate solution to activate by brushing in to loosen soil and oils
  4. Clean
  5. Dry vacuum to remove any excess moisture
  6. Groom the fabric to remove lines left from cleaning and to set the nap of the fabric in order to ensure a finished look
  7. Inspect for anything missed and show you the results

Most upholstery is cleaned with the truck-mounted cleaning system, or high pressure hot water extractor, offering the best option for the fabric and severity of soiling. If heavy duty cleaning is of concern, I offer multiple options of Very Low Moisture (VLM) “dry-cleaning” or even just power-vacuuming delicate pieces. With all these options, all of your upholstery, no matter the material or size can be cleaned and restored with my premier upholstery cleaning service.

If you'd like have your upholstery cleaned with elite precision and workmanship, contact me today to help with all your upholstery and even rug cleaning needs!

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