Hardwood Cleaning

At Nelson's Multi-Surface Care, I additionally perform hardwood floor cleaning. If your kitchen, bathroom, or other room's hardwood floor is in need of a thorough restoration, just leave it to me! My hardwood cleaning system pre-conditions, scrubs, rinses, squeegees, and vacuums the floor dry all in one pass. Stubborn, embedded soil that is trapped in beveled edges, cracks, and pores of the wood, is lifted out with a strong vacuum, leaving the floor extremely clean and dry. My process is much cleaner than hand-scrubbing, and doesn't carry the risk of over wetting and it works a lot faster. Periodic deep cleaning is recommended to keep your hardwood floors looking great for years to come without expensive restoration.

Like my carpet cleaning procedure, I use a multi-step process that is safe for finished and waxed wood floors but not oiled wood.

  1. Power vacuum area with an industrial vacuum with hardwood floor attachment to extract debris
  2. Floors are first machine-cleaned with heavy duty cleaner followed by a second full cleaning with neutral cleaner to balance the PH of the surface. Waxed floors only receive neutral cleaning to prevent wax removal, and lightly soiled floors without chemical residue build up.
  3. Dry mop and towel dry the floor and edges several times to ensure no trace of moisture is left
  4. Place a special floor-drying fan on the clean floor. This pulls warm air down and across the entire perimeter of the room to ensure drying.
  5. Floors with excessively wide cracks may not be able to be cleaned. (Many times they get smaller during summer months; they are easier to clean during this time.) If the finish is wore off to bare wood, the floors will be cleaned at risk with a signed waiver.

I'll have your hardwood looking like it's fresh out of the warehouse. Contact me today to learn more about my steam cleaning services that will make your hardwood floors shine like new again!

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