Carpet Cleaning

Nelson's Multi-Surface Care provides Amery and the surrounding areas with affordable and professional residential and commercial carpet cleaning services. The strong vacuum, high heat, and water pressure of my elite equipment is unmatched for truly deep cleaning. At Nelson's Multi-Surface Care, my system regularly saves carpet that was thought to be hard to clean just to have it dry in hours, not days.

My carpet cleaning service uses an 8 step process that I have used on every carpet for year: 

  1. Inspect carpet for any issues (stains, type of soil, high traffic wear lanes, matting, etc.)
  2. Dry vacuum with high powered backpack vacuum to ensure as much dry soil is removed as possible
  3. Apply pre-conditioner and pre-spotter wall to wall
  4. Agitate and work in solution to loosen soil and stains and to lift the pile
  5. Clean carpet
  6. Vacuum pass to remove any excess moisture
  7. Groom carpet with a nylon pile lifter to set the nap, aid in drying, and give the carpet a nice finished look
  8. Final inspection with you to show you how everything turned out With state of the art equipment, certified green cleaning solutions, and attention to detail, I assure your carpets will be extremely clean, soft, and residue free.

No matter the size of the job or the toughness of the stains, my carpet cleaning services will ensure that your carpets are as clean as can be. Give Nelson's Multi-Surface Care a call today to find out how affordable it can be to give your carpets the best carpet care they have ever had.

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